Yeagerlings - STORYBOOK

3. 10. 21

Rural Documentary Portraiture Series

Summer is just around the corner as we got the first feel of warmer temperatures. This is about the time when children become excited about the longer days and summer months. I went to my favorite watering hole earlier this week and ended up photographing two adorable siblings, to which the mom calls them 'YEAGERLINGS'.. which is a perfect play on their name.

They were trying out the waters for the first time this year and although that water is too cold for my liking, they didn't even seem to take note!

Thankful that I was able to grab some quick photos of them enjoying their time in the beautiful outdoors as I am still working with my ongoing RURAL portrait series..

This past year really got me focused to shoot more for my own personal portfolio and create something that I am passionate about. I've really taken a liking to RURAL Documentary Portrait work. It suits me, it's something that I am familiar with and it's my life.