6. 3. 21

wedding documentary for Steve & Victoria

It's not that I don't shoot weddings.. it's just that I don't shoot weddings how most people would want me to shoot a wedding day. I don't like poses, I don't like formals, I don't like all the tight timelines that confine me from just capturing the actual wedding day.

To me, a wedding should be about documenting the ACTUAL event.. not controlling and confining it, directing it and twisting it into where there is nothing else left of it but a staged dress rehearsal on what love is supposed to look like. Just let go of control, let life happen.. let those glances between the newly weds get captured organically. Nothing should be forced on a day as special as a wedding.. but it seems that so many people try to force everything that it ends up being and feeling more 'staged' than a real love life event to celebrate.

This is why I truly feel, without a shadow of a doubt, I wanted to document the wedding of Steve and Victoria. They know me personally, they know my vision, my style, and how I am not your typical 'wedding day' photographer.

There is nothing that I love more about photography than just sitting back and waiting to capture a certain moment that didn't take any prompting or staging.. it just took a little time, patience, observation and maybe some intuition.