Van Gogh

7. 10. 21

a day trip to Atlanta for the Van Gogh Immersive Experience

It makes me sad and almost mad at how Van Gogh never lived to see one painting sell yet, he has the record for having sold the most expensive piece of work on auction up to date. Life just doesn't make sense sometimes... But I do know that seeing the Immersive Experience this past week of his life's work and legacy was very much inspirational to my own work.

It reminded me to always, always shoot for myself no matter how unpopular or lack of bookings I may achieve because in the end.. no one can see your vision but you and there is a reason why individuals see or want to achieve a certain style with their work. It's an internal voice every artist and individual must learn to listen to. This is our guide to allowing us to be where we are intended to be.

Seeing so many people from all walks of life come out to view his work and learn more about Van Gogh's perspective made me sad. Sad that Van Gogh never knew how much appreciation his work would bring for future generations and that his work changed the art world for so many and that his work will influence so many future generations of artist and enthusiast.. If only!!!

Let this be a lesson for all. Not to conform to society's expectation and not to compromise your vision for another person. I know with my own personal experience as a photographer, my goal used to be about shooting in a style so that I would be more popular to book sessions. This isn't the case anymore as this past year from the pandemic I was able to revert back to why I became a photographer.. and it was to show people how I see things rather than for people to show me how to see.