Vacay on Film


A look into my personal work as I document my trip to the beach with my husband.

This was the first trip that I have taken in a good while that I only packed and used my film camera. I wanted to experiment and see what kind of experience it would be. Would I be more in the moment and also, how would my memory serve me when I receive my negatives.

Oh, it was such a great experience again not knowing what was captured and just not 'overshooting'.. as I literally just shot a roll a day, which is only 36 images! It also is good to know that no edits are required and the images are ready as they are.

Gary and I have been vacationing on Hilton Head Island since the first year of marriage and over time , it has become a tradition to visit this side of the coast over the gulf because it feel's 'beachy' but there is so much more than just the 'beach'. There are the historic neighboring towns such as Savannah, Bluffton, Beaufort, Charleston, etc,etc.. and you also have a more natural coast line where we stay. The quality of good restaurants are endless and we never eat a bad meal there.. not to mention the fresh seafood markets that bring in the Atlantic Ocean's fresh catch of the day.

It's become a very comforting place to visit and revisit again and again. I hope you enjoy some of my personal images from the past week. I often enjoyed the morning walk on the beach and found that is when I was most inspired to shoot.