Two Worlds, One Journey


This evening is the debut of my work alongside my grandfather's in the TWO WORLDS

ONE JOURNEY art exhibit at The Canary Gallery.

I am almost speechless to see my work hanging alongside my grandfather's work in one of my favorite art galleries that Birmingham has to offer and gracious for the opportunity! The concept of this show started back in January as I started scanning and sharing David Allen's work online. There was so much response and appreciation for it, that with the help of the gallery owner and curator, Libby, I was invited to exhibit his work alongside my own in her fabulous space located downtown Birmingham.

This exhibit has really helped me study and open my eyes to the similarities to both of our work as well as the familiarity between the two different eras of life. I hope that those who walk through and see the work will leave feeling inspired or awakened with the world we live today and realize the value that documentary photography has for our future generations!

The exhibit will be on display through August 25th. If you do happen to see it, I am thankful for you in doing so!