The Power of 'YOU'


Discovering how to embrace your authentic self and set yourself apart

When I realized the power of my authenticity, I came to the realization that trying to conform to other's expectations was giving away my power. My job in this world and ,everyone's job in this world, should be able to be who we are unapologetically. If you can completely be yourself, you and the people you surround yourself will benefit from this. They receive a 110% of an authentic you and it doesn't waste your time or the time of others.

Those who want to spend their time with you, will.. and those who don't appreciate you, will not. You will attract the right people for you , creating more meaningful and deeper relationships as well as professional ventures.

Jim Carrey once said "Your need to be accepted will make you invisible in the world." In a way, I can apply this to my photography. Do I want to be 'accepted' by the majority? If so, I feel this will make my work invisible as I conform and create work the way that the 'majority' of the world sees photography.

In order to survive back in the day during the nomadic era of hunter and gatherers, humans were expected to conform in order to survive in a tribe and in a way, you can see this trait still deeply engrained within the human race many, many thousands of years later.

What has been programed deep within our ancestors can still be found in our own way of thinking and being.. my hope with this knowledge is I will become more aware with this 'deep rooted' need to conform when I pick up my camera and remind myself to not be kept in a box because of other's expectations. No one should have to hold themselves back with who they are in order to make others feel better in your relationships or profession..

Your power comes from being "YOU" .. so own it!