a pop of color


A nice change of pace from my usual monochromatic documentary images.

The Reed family has been of great support throughout my photographic career. I have documented their journey over the years from their engagement, to their wedding, with the birth of all their babies, and thankful I get to continue with the growth of Anna Kate as she recently turned two!

Brittany decided to incorporate the family photos with Anna Kate's two year session. I'm so happy she decided to grab some updated family photos and I am even happier that she continues to trust in my photography with capturing her timeless family moments.

I realize, as she does too, that I am not really focusing on lifestyle sessions as much as I am documentary work now.. that doesn't mean I forgot how to shoot these style sessions, it is just not the bulk of my work any longer.. but from time to time, I do look forward to the change of pace and approach with my work.

Lifestyle sessions aren't so much conversational as they are about making sure to have a pretty location and dressed for photos. I like both approaches and can appreciate a nice family photo when this is what many are interested in!