The Journey


Remember why you start so you can finish strong

This image of me is of a young, eager college student excited about the future. It was taken roughly 20 years ago at the magazine I was an intern for. Keeping focused on the long, winding road of photography hasn't always been easy.. but somehow, the older I become and longer I've been shooting.. the easier it is for me to know where I want to go and how I want to shoot.

It took many years of trial and error, trying new approaches, different genres, new technology and multiple jobs to truly grasp my photographic journey. What started out as a profession to make a living has now turned more into a mission to make a statement.

I am not looking to schedule appointments that don't appease me, book my calendar full and profit big from it but have rather decided to commit to the art of photography and educate others about my mission as a photographer.

My photographic mission is not to show others a perfect world that so many photographers feel they need to create but rather show people how to appreciate life and the simplicity of it. Show others the natural beauty of themselves and of others. I want individuals to understand that photography is meant to slow us down, make us see things that we pass by.. it is to help us connect to others and remember life moments and loved ones.