Sunflower Field

8 .01. 21

My road trip to the HD Farm to photograph their sunflowers

on the last day of the season.

Although I must admit that photographing people is my preferred style of shooting, I love mother nature and the opportunity to explore new places. I decided to take a road trip for just me this past Sunday to the HD Farm in Eastaboga. I saw where they had announced it was the very last day for their sunflower field to be open to the public and I found myself inspired to make the drive.

For the duration of the summer I had told myself that I needed to photograph these beautiful flowers but I never found the time.. so I decided I needed to 'make' the time. With it being the end of the sunflower season, I found that the once full and vibrant flowers were starting to dry up. There was beauty in the dying flowers and in a way, I found these to be more intriguing than the more vibrant and full flowers that were from earlier in the season.

I am so happy that I decided to make the drive. It was a great day!