5. 14. 21

A day in the life STORYBOOK session

School is officially out and that means long days of playtime and sunshine are on the horizon for many children. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to drive down to Montgomery this past week to document this time for this lovely family.

They return to their country, the Netherlands, in just a few short weeks.. so this time was precious for them. It is the highest honor, when a fellow photographer hires you for a job. Esther is a very talented photographer and I truly appreciate her with realizing how important it is for her to be on the other side of the camera as I understand how, as a photographer, we rarely are pictured with our loved ones because we are always the ones taking photos.

I am LOVING my Storybook Sessions and feel this is what I plan to focus on for the coming year as I fade out my LIFESTYLE portrait sessions. There is just something 'more real' and 'rewarding' being able to capture the true essence of a family's energy without interfering or directing.

Blessed to know that there are others out there that agree and feel the same!