Southeast Gassers


A blast from the past as I decided to go and see what the Gassers were

all about!

Over the past couple of years I made a commitment to myself to get out and document my hometown and the locals. The majority of my photographic career has been spent on either documenting other strange lands during my travels or being paid to capture the life of other's.

With the whole pandemic crisis, this really helped me jump start what I've put off for several years and that is make the time to go out and experience my hometown. Now that life is somewhat 'normal', I find myself wanting to continue this adventure and explore more with what my home and own culture have to offer.

When I heard about the GASSERS Association, I didn't know what to expect. They were at the drag strip located just five minutes from my house, so what could it hurt to go out there and show up?

What an amazing time I had. I almost wish I had been able to spend more time with this fun and amazing group. The people, the cars, the atmosphere.. It was all what I had hoped for!