Film Photography


I am shooting film again after a 10 year hiatus so I can ,once again, for my own personal work and collection of photography, help keep the art medium of film alive .

It has been weighing heavy on my conscious for the past couple of years, since I've been working on personal projects and photo series, to bring back out my film camera that has been stored away for about ten years now.

My last experience developing my film and prints in a dark room was back in 2009 and 2010. This only lasted roughly a couple years after having been away from the dark room and film days for six years at that time. It was short lived as the studio I was renting became unavailable and the cost of chemicals and film were costing more than I could afford at that time. I was also transitioning from a single woman to a newly married couple that required some time to adjust and adapt to a new life, new home and routine.

I think it is safe to say, ten years later, that I am pretty routine and still finding ways to keep inspired and motivated in a perfectly enhanced photographic world we now live in. I still find myself enjoying the film I shot 10 years ago from my travels and I wanted to post them with this blog entry for others to review.

It seems the more perfect photography becomes the more I seek out the flaws and imperfections with film photography. I cannot help but notice fewer and fewer photographers are shooting film because of the extra expense, the hassle and the slower turn around times. It isn't easier but this is when I realize that anything worth having and creating isn't supposed to be easy.

I want to store my work off of a computer hard drive once again, I want to feel the negatives between my fingertips and know that no computer hard drive crash could ever delete these files and no one could ever own the originals as so many request and desire with digital images. These are mine!!

I shot a roll of expired black and white film earlier this week. It was left over from 2010 when I last was shooting film and I honestly am curious to know how it turned out. I am looking forward to reviewing the film once it is processed. Shooting film is the easiest way for me to see where my strengths and weaknesses are because it is not as easy to correct from mistakes, so I anxiously anticipate seeing how the images come out.