Shelter Animal Donations


Proceeds from the Fine Art print orders of the Missing Link Rescue Shelter animals will be donated with each print order to help benefit the well being and care of these animals.

I have been visiting weekly to the Missing Link Rescue organization to help with photographing the headshots for newly surrendered and rescued animals who are needing a home. On top of my time there I have also started photographing the animals in a more fine art approach and one idea led to another when someone approached me asking if I ever sell my work.

This got me thinking, what if I could create an art series for individuals who would enjoy my work printed for the home or office while at the same time, making a small difference and impact with another individual. It really helped show our interconnectivity and the importance of working together.

If you are interested purchasing a hand signed, limited edition fine art print from me, I will post a link below to show some of the animal prints that I am currently selling. I also do customized prints for those who are looking for something specific.

I do hope to hear from you!