Savannah, Georgia


Street photography captured on film during my visit to Savannah.

What I aspire to become while shooting film is more observant, quicker to react, shoot with intution and trust my vision and myself and most importantly, keep the art of film alive for future generations to learn how to appreciate. There is a rawness about film that just feels natural to me and it helps connect me to the medium. It is as though it charges my batteries for more photography.

Shooting street images on film is probably the first for me as prior in my film years, I would do more controlled environmental portraits which allowed for time to set up, compose and shoot. This street photography approach was a whole other ball game.

I am familiar with street photography and have photographed this genre on numerous occasions with my digital equipment, so I was familiar with what to look for and how to feel out an image. The hardest part for me with film and street photography is running out of images so I learned how to wait and not waste.

I feel that film is going to help me with an overall approach to the current demands of digital photography for sure!