SAC Juried Show


Older work accepted into the competitive SAC Juried Art Show in Montgomery.

I recently was looking through my old travel log of images and can you believe I never noticed this image before? It sat hidden away, untouched for over 10 years .. and it wasn't until the pandemic hit where I discovered all this free time to sort through, organize and reminisce about the days of old.

This isolate image of a Muslim walking through the ancient church of John the Baptist near Selcuk, Turkey really resonated with me recently.. so I decided to post it.

The post received so much attention that I decided to enter it into a show.. it was accepted out of several hundred other photographer and artist images that it really did teach me a lesson.

Never write off anything that you may think of as unworthy, as anything that is of value or quality will only get better with age.

I am thankful that I did not delete this image over the years as I find myself wondering how many images have remained undiscovered through a premature click of the delete button?