Rural Life during Covid


This has been a long year for most with the pandemic. This past year I have laid low, taken time for my own work and in the process, have a new portfolio to showcase.

I like to say, out of bad situations.. you can always find a sliver lining.. My silver lining during the pandemic has been like most others. The time to slow down, gather my thoughts and ideas.. regroup and redirect my path.

As a photographer, this is a MUST for me.. I like to take a recharge every couple years and this was the year for me to do this. Without the demands of clients and no photo sessions to work on for the first three months, I took it upon myself to assign myself projects.

This is when I started taking my camera with me on my walks and outings.. and you'd be surprised how many people I would come across.

This one particular incidence was taken at a nearby creek where I frequently walk my dogs. It was a hot afternoon and I heard the splashing of kids playing.. so I walked over there and found a small group of friends swinging from the rope swing.

They seemed carefree and for a moment, life seemed normal. This is when I realized the benefits of rural living during a pandemic. There is always a lot of space and it makes getting away from crowds much more easier.

I found myself thankful to be living out of the city and feel that I've really benefited from it this year.