11. 02. 21

Rebirth of decade old images as I start to print and archive my older work to go into my personal collection of signed fine art photographs.

With the upcoming solo show and recognition of my photo series, BEHIND THE CHUTE, it has peaked my curiosity to dig deeper with my older personal works. As most people will tell you with age, you become set in your ways and this is where I feel I am at the moment with photography. I see what I see and cannot change how I see... there is a pattern and rather than fight it, I feel that I am accepting this.

Just think, what if Picasso changed his blocked, cubism style because people didn't like squares in painting or what if Van Gogh changed his brightly colored paintings because it wasn't a popular palette during that age and era? Or what if Henri Cartier Bresson agreed to photograph colored portraits in a studio?? Well,, then he wouldn't be known as the grandfather of street photography would he?

So, my point being is, there is a reason why I love what I love despite it's lacking popularity. There will be a time for it to shine and I feel that the most important aspect to being a creative is having the ability and freedom to create how you see rather than how you are 'expected' to see.

To believe in yourself is more important than for others to believe in you.