7. 01. 21

I have recently been added to the 'Best of' list for an international directory of fine art photographers.

I love seeing my name appear with names from all over the world of other photographers. Some I have heard of, other's, I have not. It is a list hand selected by the editor of ALL ABOUT PHOTO, a popular photography website for fine art photographers and photography collectors and enthusiast.

How did I get there when it seems just over a year ago I was contemplating on quitting photography. I feel like I had photographed almost every kind of client session out there and had ran out of steam. I needed new challenges and inspiration. I honestly feel the pandemic saved me and my photography.

It gave me time to shoot for myself and find a new connection with my lost art that I once loved but grew to hate. What I have learned during this process is the crucial elements on never allowing others to tell you how to shoot or how to see something.

With my concerns on seeking approval from clients, making sure they were happy how the images looked, wanting color when I preferred the image in black and white and the innocent and understandable request they had for me eventually took it's toll with me creatively.

I needed full control of my work, my vision and my style... the catch is, my style isn't mainstream.. it's not popular among the masses, it's not perfect and pretty.. It's a little edgy and gritty. It's real and unassuming.

So rather than trying to shoot more to where I would book more clients I decided to try something different.. Shoot for me, focus on my work and create a portfolio that represents me not the masses.

I feel if I would have always been concerned about my 'bookings' I would have never been bold enough to shoot in the way that is true to my authentic self. Without having found my voice and evolved into my own style, I would have never stood out.. and when I stood out, this is when I feel I was appreciated as the photographer I see myself as.

I truly thank the editor for seeing my work and reaching out to me. I am forever grateful for this reawakening.