Photography Mentors


As I organize my old film negatives, I enjoy reliving some of the earlier and more formative years of my photographic career and stress the importance of a mentorship.

I often come across my older work that has been forgotten about over the years, so when I came across this negative in a binder, tucked away on a shelf, I instantly remembered where I came from. It was also a strong reminder of where I am going too.

I don't hear the word 'mentor' too often in the photography world anymore and I am not sure if it is even still a thing, but I do know that it was a life saver for me. Having a skilled and knowledgeable mentor really helped shape me during my formative years. It used to be required to find any kind of decent work as a new photographer.

Karim was one of those individuals who I remained in touch with after my mentorship was over and I would go on to continue to assist him when time allowed for commercial and editorial work.

Photography has changed so much today with the younger generations coming up. I am honestly out of touch with their work and still cling to the classics of earlier photographers who I appreciate and admire. I am not sure if the style has changed because the method of learning has changed but I still relate to the older generation of shooting, which, in my opinion, will not and cannot ever be replaced no matter how advanced technology and the camera world becomes.