Dismals Canyon

10. 04. 21

A day trip to hike and explore Dismals Canyon located in Northwest Alabama.

For this year's anniversary celebration, my husband and I decided to enjoy the simpler side to life, which, to me, is my favorite part about life. The joy of exploring, being outdoors, hiking and fresh air. It's my favorite place to be, dressed down in casual clothing is my comfort zone.

My husband may prefer a nice evening out but I prefer a day trip outdoors.. so for this year's anniversary, I requested we visit Dismals Canyon and make a day trip out of it.

Gary truly ended up amazed at the place and we both had a wonderful time.. which is priceless!

Knowing how beautiful Dismals Canyon is, I would be a fool not to capture it in some form and fashion.. so I decided to take a few photos of our hike throughout the canyon floor.

I loved having the whole place to ourselves. The silence transcended me to an ancient place this used to be. It felt prehistoric within its own right and it was like going back in time before America was 'America'.