New Film Work


The first roll of film developed in over ten years. Here are my thoughts with shooting film compared to digital.

I decided to revive my old film camera after finding an old, expired roll of film that was left over from my dark room days. It had been hiding in a junk drawer for over ten years. It just stared at me, asking to be used. Without giving it much thought I purchased some batteries to put in my old Nikon 35mm and took it out to a local creek I frequently have photographed.

Not only did I want to use up some old film but I also wanted to see what I could do after being away from film cameras for over a decade. It was exciting and scary to think to myself.. what if I forgot how? How well do I really know how to 'meter' manually with proper light exposure, compose and capture life as I have felt the digital era has made it for me with ease?

After the first few clicks of my shutter, I knew I was hooked again on film. It didn't take long for me to remember the joy of shooting like a new photography student. The excitement and uncertainty of knowing what was captured heightened my awareness of my surroundings.

It was as though I caught myself glancing on occasion at the back of a camera where the digital LCD screen is on the newer gear to find nothing but a black, blank backing of my camera with no screen or buttons.

I liked the ruggedness and organic approach to film and awaited anxiously for the development of the film.. so I could study it, critique and appreciate it.

After receiving my film, I held it up to the light and found myself surprised at what was captured. It is something that I have not ever experienced through the years of digital photography. It is almost like a spiritual experience as I slow down, absorb and approach with caution before deciding if I want to click the shutter or not.

I will shoot more film in the coming months for my personal work. It was good for my soul.