New concepts


Too many years of too many images that look too much alike. How I plan on redirecting and evolving as a photographer and as an artist.

Too many people forget that art evolves and changes through the artist's experiences and growth. The work I did 20 years ago is not the same as the work I have grown into today. The realization came to me when I found myself photographing the same images with the same concepts that so many other photographers had.

My work was soon lumped into the bulk of the masses.. how did I get into the generic world of posed and pretty photography?

The problem is.. people don't seem as interested in documenting their real, everyday lives as much as they are capturing their beauty but after time passes, the everyday is what everyone wants to remember their loved ones by.

Having and keeping realistic expectations on what 'portrait' photography means to the masses is going to be what separates me from the photographer down the street... I realize in order for me to ever be authentic to my own vision, I must know who I am and what I want to achieve as a photographer and unfortunately, that just may not be what is popular..