My Grandmother

8 .25. 21

reminiscing over the years from all the moments I've

documented of my grandmother.

The past couple months, especially weeks has been very difficult to experience seeing the failing health of my grandmother and I found myself thankful for having documented so many years of her life. I've found myself sorting through older files from all our birthday celebrations and holiday gatherings. These memories seemed as though they were just yesterday.

My grandmother never liked candid photos.. she would much rather pose and be prepared as she hated being caught off-guard and vulnerable. I always tell her, images are what we leave our loved ones to remember them by and that they shouldn't be for us but for others. So I would find ways to capture her unguarded over the years. These images are how I will remember her smile, laughter, mannerisms, and who she is and will always be to me.

Documentary photography has been something I've always enjoyed during the good times and celebrations. It is just recently that I am learning that life isn't always about remembering the happy times. It's important to remember the trying times as well. I feel through this whole experience, I have witnessed my family come together and be there for when she needs them the most... and this is something that I don't want to forget either.