From the 2004 archives of Alaska

I wanted to share this candid and quirky image of my mother from August 2004. I had just graduated from the U OF A and she treated me to a trip to Alaska, where we rented a car and drove all around the old, abandoned gold mines & ghost towns. I also experienced the never ending gravel road of the Denali Highway where I lived off cream cheese, bagels, smoked salmon and mango juice.

We pulled off and stayed the night in a cabin made of plyboard for hunters.. it was powered by a generator and I remember being cold the whole time. This was the first trip to have traveled with a digital camera. It was the Nikon D100.. I remember thinking how cool it was to see the images immediately and not have to wait to find out what I was capturing.

Due to me being young and dumb.. I shot the majority of that trip on digital.. and guess what?? Those images are long gone, deleted or either outdated file sizes or corrupted and pixelated where they are no longer readable.. My old faithful film camera proved me wrong. Here I am, reminiscing a trip where only my B&W film negatives survived..Which solidifies why I want to return shooting film for my own personal work, projects and memories!