Marketing Material


A commercial session for a high end luxury bag dealer to focus on branding and marketing material for GoDaddy Marketing.

The great thing about my line of work is it often involves variety. The genre of photo sessions I continue to have over the years has always kept photography fun. It also often comes with it's own challenges too. This session is a great example of shooting something that I often don't shoot but maybe once every few months.

I always enjoy the sessions GoDaddy sends my way because I never know where I will end up or what I will be photographing. Sometimes it is a fine dining restaurant, other times it is an old historic mechanic's shop.. Yesterday was a high end luxury boutique that specializes in hand bags and luggage.

The shop owner, Karlin, was amazing to work with and meet. His knowledge and expertise was very helpful with me learning more about his products and I enjoyed taking part with the promotion of his business.