Fultondale Tornado


Images from the EF3 tornado that hit our hometown late Monday night, January the 25th.

I am still in shock with how quickly life can change. What makes it even scarier is I didn't even know a tornado had touched down that night as I was fast asleep in the comfort of my bed. It wasn't until the next morning when I turned on the news that I had learned of our hometown being hit. I usually run every Tuesday morning with a girlfriend at the Fultondale Black Creek Park.. so I was dressed and ready to go when I found out that the roads were blocked off due to a tornado... and I had just ran there the day prior!

We live just 8 miles from the hardest hit areas and that really hit home! I couldn't believe how bad it was, so my sister and I decided to go up to the Black Creek Park area and see for ourselves. I literally had to catch my breath. How did people survive this damage? Unfortunately, there was one fatality. A 14 year old lost his life when a tree fell on their home.. One death is still one too many.. and there are multiple injuries and not to mention countless people without a place to stay.

This is going to be a very long process as the community rebuilds and repairs from emotional, physical and monetary damages. If you pray, this is a time to keep this community in thoughts and prayers as well as being there for help and support.

It could have just as easily been any of us within the surrounding areas.