Lake Michigan


A roll of Black & White film and Lake Michigan

Every year my husband and I make the long drive up to Northwest Indiana to visit his family. They are located right by Lake Michigan, so I've been able to become somewhat familiar with the area over the past ten years of having made the trip.

This last time I decided to bring my film camera and spend some time exploring with my sister-in-law, as she enjoys photography too. She wanted to take me to a handful of different locations she knew I would enjoy.

Lake Michigan's beach reminded me of an ocean's view. The lake was so vast and hard to comprehend that the large body of water freezes over during the harsh winter months. I could feel a hint of fall in the air as the breeze was chilly off the lakefront and there were only a handful of locals to be found on the beach. I am sure they were catching the last of the warm summer sun before the days become short and cold.