Lake Martin 100


My take on the LM 100 as I participated as part of the pacing crew for a good friend who completed her first 100 mile race this past weekend.

am extremely proud of my running partner in crime, Lauren.. to which she completed a successful and healthy 100 mile run this past weekend at an impressive 33 hours! I loved seeing her cross that finish line and having the experience of pacing her just a tiny fraction of the mileage she endured this past weekend.

I wasn't going to leave my camera behind and decided to take it along for her miles 77 through 91 before crew chief and veteran ultra runner, Tanya, ran her in like a boss!!

Pacing gave me another experience to ultra running that I haven't had before. It was amazing to be a part of something and to be able to witness her goals come into fruition.

Although I wasn't 'officially' taking photos of the race, I couldn't resist grabbing some of the moments from this amazing weekend.