Jimmie Arrington Memorial Rodeo


Candid event coverage of the annual Jimmie Arrington Memorial Rodeo in Cullman, AL. Due to Covid-19, no spectators were allowed.. only participants and their guest.

This past summer I was able to attend a rodeo out in Wilsonville to watch a friend participate in one of her barrel races. I ended up having so much fun, I decided to attend another one she was riding in. Ofcourse, because life is upside down at the moment with the pandemic.. most all rodeos have been called off.. so this really put a limit to how many I was able to attend.

The annual Jimmie Arrington Memorial Rodeo was able to continue but the only difference for this year is that they were not allowing spectators. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend as a guest of my friend because I wanted to bring my camera to see what fun I could capture.

Each rodeo is always a learning experience for me and I hope that I can continue to work on this project when available for future events.