GoDaddy - Marketing

6. 24. 21

commercial and branding work for local businesses

I have been freelancing for sessions with the domain guru company, GoDaddy, for roughly 3 or more years now. They hire me to photograph local businesses within my area. It's been a great way to get to know so many of the privately owned businesses within the city and I always enjoy having access to 'behind the scenes'. This is where the fun is for me!

This past week I was asked to photograph a dry cleaning company and found myself very impressed with their set up. The assembly of managing, organizing and cleaning on a timely manner is very impressive for the large scale of clothing they have dropped off within their community.

Everyone was such a pleasure to work with and document as they went about their businesses. These guys were busy during the short time I was there, I can only imagine how much work they are able to do for the week.

It was a great experience and I always learn something new with these sessions!