Ft. Morgan Road - PLACES

4. 02. 21

a mini-getaway for recharge & inspiration

Now that I have successfully completed my second marathon and training has ceased, I am fully basking in the joy of rest and relaxation. No early morning, before the sun shines running or 30 plus miles a week to obtain. It is freeing and yet, somehow, stressful.

I have found myself at a loss on how to fill my new found free time without feeling like a sloth.

This down time has really been beneficial for my photography. I am finding creative inspiration with the everyday life portraits.. so when we decided to break away for a quick getaway to the beach, I knew that I wanted to take my camera along.

The past few days involved early morning walks, mid-day lounges and laid back evenings. It was perfect! I would often have my camera with me during the day and let the images come to me from the comfort of my beach chair.