Fine Art Commisions


As I structure my business around fine art printing, I am noticing a new audience reaching out for personal commissions with their interior design space for home and office.

As I've mentioned before, fine art is more about quality than quantity. When I am hired to go out and photograph an image that is intended for printing to be matted and framed, I focus on capturing one key and essential image for the home or office space it will be representing.

This was the case for this particular client. She and her husband have purchased land and are currently building their forever home. They were wanting something from the land to hang in their gorgeous new home, so I was hired to walk the property and photograph the mood and space of this wonderful place.

There is no better feeling than to have someone entrust you with how you see and interpret the world around you. I do look forward to seeing which image they select and hope that they can look at the print for years to come and never forget how fortunate they are to have a space where they can grow and thrive as a family!