Fine Art Prints


I recently acquired a print simulator to help clients select and order fine art prints with confidence. This will help clients visualize the finished product before ordering!

I have spent the past two years sampling different fine art paper stocks and have gained some knowledge in the fine art printing world. I truly believe that an image is not considered finished until it is printed as printing digital images allows you to connect and interact with your work on a whole other level. Printing your work also allows you to see details come through that a screen will never duplicate.

Prints can be expensive, especially when you are dealing with fine art paper stock with high definition and a wide gamut range of tones and colors to help give it a realistic quality.

The new print simulator is going to help with second guessing spending hundreds of dollars for enlargements, framing and matting your work because you are able to see it before you order. I can use an image of the space you would like to see the artwork framed along with the size you desire to have printed all with the new app I have purchased.

If most people are visualist, like myself, I foresee this being a big help with deciding! I decided to use a recent image I took from the Hallmark Farm as an example and love how it looks as an enlargement.