Eva Frontier Days

9. 23. 21

Bulls & Barrels Rodeo

The past year I have grown fond of documenting behind the scenes of local rodeos. Throughout the process, I've gotten to know so many of the riders, participants, ranchers and the faces behind these traditional events that help make it happen.

When I come out to document a rodeo, I often see familiar faces that I've met prior and oftentimes meet new ones. Over time, I have created a small collection of images for a photo series. This photo series has been named, BEHIND THE CHUTE, which predominantly showcases the people and details of a rodeo.

The DODHO Magazine took notice and has picked up my series to feature it in their ISSUE 18 publication which goes into print the end of this month. I'm excited that others are interested in this project as I hope to help others connect to one of America's oldest traditions.