Dave Crenshaw- MUSICIAN

6. 1. 21

behind the scene coverage of making a music album

I wanted to share with you all a little sneak peek with what goes on behind the scenes of recording a music album. These images were taken this past weekend for Dave Crenshaw's latest project. We have worked together a handful of times prior for his album artwork and I'm very happy that he has kept me in mind for his upcoming project.

One of my favorite things about photography is when I am able to share with others an experience that many may not ever get to see or take part with. Going into the recording studio is a very inspiring and intense thing as there are so many layers to work with from drums, vocals, strings, guitars and so on. This is not an 'overnight' project as it takes a team of sound engineers and other talented and trusted creative individuals that have been hand selected by the artist.

I love whenever I have the opportunity to work alongside other creatives.. as they tend to 'get' what I do and how I work. I try to stay out of their hair and they stay out of mine.