Critter Camp - GBHS

6. 28. 21

My return to the Greater Birmingham Society to speak to campers

about my photography.

I was a volunteer for the longest time at the GBHS a few years back and while there I made some amazing connections and friends. It was a wonderful organization to be involved with as you helped find homes for the unwanted. It was also a great platform to try and educate the public about being a responsible pet owner and reminding others that having a pet should be a life-long commitment, not a situational one.

When one of the coordinators I know asked if I would come and speak to their campers about photography and how I have helped shelter animals in the past with it, I didn't have to think about it.. I of course jumped at the opportunity!

I was able to show examples of some of my pet photography. The class seemed very inquisitive about my work and were not shy to ask questions. I also was able to show them how to take photos of a dog with a demonstration towards the end of my speech.

It was a very rewarding experience and I look forward to returning for next month's camp!