Cooper Farm Rodeo


My first attempt at photographing a rodeo out in Wilsonville as I showed up not knowing many people but left feeling right at home.

When I saw the posting one of my friends made about a rodeo in Wilsonville.. I didn't know what to expect but I did know I wanted to go out there and check it out. The stay at home orders from the pandemic had recently been lifted and there were not many festivals, concerts and events going on, so I was looking forward to seeing something somewhat return to 'normal'.

Work had been slow for my photography due to everything going on.. and I was itching to get out and photograph something.. I didn't know anyone there but one friend who was riding .. but decided to go on solo. I had my camera gear with me, so what better way to meet some new faces than to photograph them.

New faces is an understatement.. Everyone was so nice and welcoming.. by the end of the night , I ended up on top of the Bull Rider's chutes, photographing them as they took off. It was a great time!