Christmas Traditions


Capturing Christmas traditions as a mom passes down her Christmas cookie recipe to her two young daughters.

When I am asked to document family life and their traditions, it is one of my favorite things to do as a photographer. This is when I feel I can make the most difference with my photography because I feel that these sessions are of a deeper meaning and purpose.

There is only such a short amount of time when young children embrace the full spirit of Christmas and the magical wonders around Santa, the off time from school and responsibility. Christmas is and should be a time of excitement and joy for young children.

Documenting this time in their life should be a priority.. I do feel those standard family posed photos are nice but if you can't tell, I am biased towards real moments in life. When life is lived, you only are left with the memory of these moments, the persona around these images is a way to remember loved ones by more than just what they look like.