Capturing childhood on film helps create a nostalgic mood of distant memories.

I have started to take my 35mm film camera with me to some of the outings and functions I attend with friends. It's been one of my latest projects I have given myself to help keep photography fun as I return to my film roots.

The whole 'return to film' and 'film journey' is a personal journey I have chosen to take. I don't intend on forcing it on clients or even promoting it for sessions.. I realize the world we live in is based on modern conveniences, perfection and quick turn around times. Film offers none of these things.

Film is outdated and out numbered by the amount of digital photography. I don't care though. It adds even more appeal to me with it being the 'outcast' from a modern society. The foundation of my work was built on film and as I've aged and become more disheartened with all the digital enhancements of photography where you don't know what is real or what is fake, it has unknowingly pushed me back into this general direction.

I have grown fond of capturing children on film. It reminds me of my own childhood. The simplicity of how things were, the small moments and the imperfect yet perfect memories of backyard play times with friends, drinking from water spouts, swimming in pools, playing games, catching fireflys.

The childhood I once knew still can be found and I feel film has helped me realize that life isn't all that different after all. You just have to search for it.