A man with friends is a rich man indeed! I documented the birthday celebration of the talented Dave Crenshaw earlier this week.

Being involved with the music community and documentary photography, it is only appropriate I capture not only the musical ventures but also the celebrations that occur in life as well. The talented guru, Dave Crenshaw, has become a close friend of mine over the past several years as we've worked together on many projects. I have also enjoyed meeting his friends and family over time as well. He is loved by many!

We all celebrated his 42nd birthday yesterday evening at the one and only Blue Print on 3rd, downtown Birmingham. It was my first venture there and I guarantee I will return for more. We had samples upon samples of food brought to us and each plate was just as delicious as the one we tasted prior.

I wanted to share some intimate moments among his friends who were there to celebrate another trip around the sun for Dave. I know I had a wonderful time being there and part of this journey and am always appreciative of having an opportunity to do what I enjoy, and that is document life and the moments in between.