Band Life

11. 09. 21

Documenting the band CASHBACK as they took a road trip for some shows

in Waynesboro, Virginia and Statesville, NC.

It has been a good little while and I was thankful for the opportunity to return to the road, after a handful of years, with the band, CASHBACK. We traveled to Virginia and North Carolina for back to back shows over this past weekend.

My husband is the electric guitar player for the band, so it was nice to get out on the road with him again as professionals. I documented the shows and sold the merchandise for the band. It was a great way for me to be face on with many of the locals who came out to hear them play.

I was very appreciative of those who came out in support of live music. The trip was a great experience and it has me wishing I was able to get out and do this more often. It was hard work, long hours on the road and back to back shows gave us little down time but it was well worth it.