Aunt Nellie


Visiting my Great Aunt Nellie for the first time at the nursing home during a pandemic.

My great aunt has been in a nursing home facility for over a year now and with the ongoing pandemic, it has been frustrating to say the least!

The ever changing rules and back and forth research on what to do and what not to do has left so many people feeling confused, helpless, stressed, scared and angry.

Through 'protecting' our elders, it has depressed them, brought more isolation into their lives and robbed them of precious time with family. Many aren't well and know they are on 'borrowed' time as they are forced with the harsh truth that many may never leave the nursing home facility.

So, I honestly found it harsh when I heard of visitors being 'banned' from visiting their loved ones. Enough time has passed to where many of the facilities do allow visitors but only outside.. if it is below 55 degrees, you can't visit.. and when you do visit, you are to not hug and touch your loved ones during this time. You also must sit over 6 feet apart and try to yell through your mask because they may have a hard time hearing you.. and you can only stay for thirty minutes.

I don't know what's more important.. 'keeping safe' or the power of relationships. This is a tough call to make for many .. as depression of the mind can be more powerful than any physical sickness.. If you take away happiness but are sick, you can find peace in all situations.. If you are sick but are well in your spirit and mind, it is as though you can defeat the whole world!