Walk in the Park

live like a tourist in your own town.

A day of adventure in my city of Birmingham.

It's not too often you will see me post imagery without the use of people. This is one of the rare instances that I decided to go out and focus on still life, the city-scape & architecture. rather than portraiture.

My sister-in-law is visiting for the week so it helped find me some motivation to get out and enjoy some of the downtown scenes Birmingham has to offer. One of my sister-in-law, Gigi's, hobbies is photography, so I thought it would be fun for me to show her some of the different ways you can photograph our city.

It was a beautiful day of walking around as I took her to some of the more popular parks the city has to offer as well as some of the roads less traveled locations.

It was also a great way for me to give her a quick preview of the different neighborhoods and styles of photography you can find. I must admit, it was also a nice assignment I gave myself to practice on stuff I normally don't ever think to work on.