Virtural Worlds


Humans have never relied so much on technology than they do today. I don't think we could survive off the grid in today's world.

I am communicating my thoughts to you online.. virtually.. through the world wide web. Chances are we probably have never met. If you spend much time looking up from your phone screen or computer monitor, you will probably see everyone else looking down at something.

When did this happen? Why did it happen? Are we less in tune with the world around us because we look to a screen for answers, for directions, and for knowledge?

Is life easier? I feel it is easier for the moment but it is harder for us as humans. It is harder because we have lost touch with ourselves. With our senses, our intutions and our thoughts. Our bodies are here but our minds are always elsewhere.. online, searching and engaging on another plane.

I am part of this generation as well but I do feel a pull away from this world.. a disconnect of virtual living so I can return back to 'living'. It has started out as a tiny voice in my head to shoot film. I listened to it. I saw a change, a positive change. A sense of peace, of acceptance with my work and the lack of caring to keep up with the world as we are all expected.

My life is meant to experience life in front of me not life from afar. Virtual worlds do nothing but take me out of the world I am living. I do not want to live in a body when the mind cannot be present with the body. This is called a zombie.