4. 28. 21

an outing with Tully and his owner, Lauren

I can't begin to tell you how rewarding it is to go out and document other's with their interests, hobbies, loved ones or within their professional environments. The whole STORYBOOK Series has really been a breath of fresh air for me.

Through being true to myself, I am lucky to have created a niche of other like-minded individuals who want nothing out of their images but to remember things as they are. I don't pose them, I don't create moments or set up anything.. I let them be who they are and take those moments and create them as fine-art documentary projects. There is nothing pretentious or 'perfect' about them.. and that is what makes these sessions so intriguing.

Lauren is such a sweet and dear friend of mine.. We became friends through the trail running community. Our love and mutual respect for outdoors and nature helped to develop a friendship. When she discovered her 14 year old Lab, named Tully, had cancer, she was crushed.

Thankfully, she inquired with me about my STORYBOOK Sessions and wanted me to capture them out playing and exploring. I was honored to.