Trey Lewis Band


Documenting guitarist, Terry Adams, from the Trey Lewis Band for the upcoming CENTER STAGE photo series project.

As the end of the year closes, so do a couple of my projects. Thankful I was able to wrap up the year 2021 with ending the CENTER STAGE musician's series with guitarist, Terry Adams. We have been acquainted for several years through the music scene. I always told myself that I'd love to have the opportunity to photograph Terry as his features and energy seem to really shine in front of the camera, so when the opportunity presented itself, I was thankful to jump at it and get to work.

These guys have been busy touring as part of the Trey Lewis Band, so for them to have a local show really did help with the whole process of getting everything I needed.

CENTER STAGE is a collection of musicians from 2011 to 2021 of behind the scenes to performances that focuses not only on the music but also the personas and lifestyles of the diverse talent that these guys share.

I realize there are so many more musicians that I was unable to document rather it be because of time constraints or just scheduling conflicts but I hope this will represent so many of the different musicians out there who can find ways to relate to the life of a working musician.

This project started out as a personal photo series of just my life and my husband's journey in the musical world but overtime it bled into other bands and musicians as I expanded the project's purpose.

In spring of 2022, I hope to present the finished product to a public audience to showcase CENTER STAGE for others to enjoy.