Timeless Photography


The importance of shooting for the future and not for today will only prove itself valid in the future.

The best way to guess how your photos will age and be used through the years is to study the masters in photography but if you want to be popular,, you should study the 'trending' photographers. I am guilty of studying both and have found longevity and value learning from the masters. Their work is timeless, it doesn't age.. it has no end to it because it is forever relatable, real and genuine. I recently read an old interview that Henri Cartier Bresson did from the '70's and in it he spoke many truths that resonate with me in today's world with my approach to photography. He spoke about how he hates 'effects' with photography and all the big gear and over equipped photographers.. "They are loud as though the photographer is shouting because they are short of an argument." He simplified photography, used minimal equipment and focused on delivery of a message not the technical side of photography. This to me is probably why he is considered a master at what he did as it surely withstood the test of time. I highly doubt he was 'popular' with commissioned portraits as he shot the truth and not the glamourized versions of life. Somehow the truth always remains and withstands the test of time. It reminds me to continue to seek shooting the truth regardless how unpopular it may be in today's world of photography.