Thoroughbred Park


Extreme wealth to extreme poverty.. The other side of the story.

Apart from all the glitz and glam of horse racing, luxury farms and homes.. There is another side to life that is hidden in the parks of Lexington in the early morning hours.

Homelessness and poverty is something that I don't enjoy documenting. There is a fine line of exploitation that can easily become part of the photography process if you aren't careful. I personally feel that it is part of my story and experience. With the careful consideration of showing the human side to homelessness, I feel it most appropriate when you do not see the face of the individuals.

The early morning walk in a horse park was in stark contrast to the homeless sleeping. I pointed out to my mother, who I was on the trip with, that it is odd that so many of these race horses are treated with high end luxurious accomodations compared to the fellow man with none.

I often wonder if the homeless think the same thing. How much money a horse can be bought and sold for yet men and women are still unable to find shelter of their own.

The world works in mysterious ways.. and many of these ways, I will never understand.