The Road Home

The only thing that remains the same in life is change.

This past weekend, my husband and I attended a private ceremony of an old friend of his that passed away. The wake was located near where Gary used to live as a child. There he spent the majority of his childhood years, youth and early adulthood. He hadn't been to the small city of Samantha in many years.. and his memory was vivid of details on how things used to be when he was much younger.

As we all know.. the only thing that stays the same in life .. is change! I could see his bubble burst as we drove out to his old childhood home. The land had been clear cut. and it looked like the once full forest of trees had been bombed.

His home wasn't as he remembered.. The house had been repainted a different color, what seemed years ago, as it was chipped and worn looking. The dirt drive where he used to wait on the bus with his beloved family dog was now replaced with that of another one's family dog. The yard was filled with clutter and trailers. There was no lawn and where the garden once stood, was a dug out hole revealing red clay created from large machinery..It was as though someone started working and then never finished what they started.

I could see the look of disappointment in his eyes.. We weren't sure if the home was being lived in or if it had been abandoned.. so we did not go knock on the door and decided to leave his memories of his childhood home as he remembered how the home used to be.