The Reunion


My uncle David reunites with his family and old pedal steel after many years away from his hometown.

Gary and I have recently acquired my Uncle David's pedal steel guitar that he purchased in 1968. He used this for the Country Boy Eddie show up to his retirement in 1991. It had been locked up in a case, stored underneath his bed collecting dust until we retrieved it a couple summers back from his vacant home in Birmingham. He moved away to Pennsylvania a little over 10 years ago and left all of his belongings and the family had not seen him since.

My husband is a professional musician and has never had the opportunity to meet him. He has only heard stories of him over the years. David decided to visit the family this past week after many years away, so I was happy to have had the opportunity to not only have my husband meet the 'musician' in our family but also see him, once again, sit behind that old pedal steel that he spent many years performing on as a young musician.

It was something I felt I needed to capture on camera.